Lately I am engaged in retro posters. There are retro posters for almost any topic but not for the scientific area. A technology like PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction – a method where you create millions of copies of a given DNA section) changed the world and deserves much more appreciation. Especially real-time PCR (or quantitative PCR, qPCR) is today the golden standard in the biotech industry. Commercially available since 20 years – it is time for a real-time PCR retro poster!

I know, if you are not a scientist you will not understand the details but I hope you like it, anyways. 

An excerpt from my diplom thesis where I used real-time PCR (TaqMan approach) for SNP-genotyping of genes that might be connected to cervical cancer. A SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is a change of a single base pair that can lead to an anomalous „activity“ of the gene. Often it is a down-regulation of genes that protect the cell from becoming a cancer cell… I hope you are still awake…

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