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CGI Artist | Pop Art enthusiast | Interior design fan | Fashion admirer | Raspberry Pi hobbyist | Coding padawan

In 2009, I started as Bergie81 on deviantART with my first 3D render of robots and humans. Since my childhood, I was fascinated by androids and cyborgs. That is why futuristic machines were the main theme of my artworks from the beginning. My big aim is it to do photorealistic images that viewer think the CGIs are photos.

I moved to another flat in Berlin in 2010. There I had a black wall in my living room and I wonder, if I could do some epic and colorful to fill this “canvas”. That was the birth of my Star Wars (= epic!) Pop Art (= colorful) were I mixed two topics I love. After I finished “Battle” and put it on the wall, I decided to share this artwork with all the other Star Wars fans. I had so many ideas that I just went on doing these mashups and providing them to the internet community. Actually, I was surprised that I was the first one who mixed Lichtenstein’s Pop Art with Star Wars universe and my art enjoyed so much popularity. These artworks are and will be free for download in the future.

In my leisure time, I love to try out new things. I study the new trends in interior design, fashion and open source DIY-craft. I am also playing around with my Raspberry Pis to enhance my programming skills. I gather so many ideas of different topics I want to realize and share them with the community.

That is why it was time to start an own website where I can share all my stuff. The weird name of this site describes best what my art is about: mashups of futuristic robots (Space), colorful Pop Art (LolliPop) and other different designs (Arts) all together in one place:

Now enjoy my art and tell me what you think in the comments or via mail.