Room of the emperor with prices

     What if ICEA (Intergalactical Center of Extraordinary Accessories) would be part of the Star Wars universe? Awesome interior design for everyone! The ICEA Emperor Edition brings the comfort zone of the emperor to your home.   

Room of the emperor with pop art artwork
Room of the emperor bright
Room of the emperor dark
R2D2 as tissue box
Slippers made of Ewoks
Earphone with emire logo
magazine rack with star wars newspaper

     I started playing around rendering hair in maxwell render. I looked for a project where I can do different types of hair, like fur or a fussy carpet. Than I got the idea of ICEA in the Star Wars universe and added more and more accessories like the R2D2 tissue box, the headphones or the special magazines. I wonder what other interior design editions would be interesting. Han and Leia’s bedroom? The bathroom of C3PO? Boba Fett’s garage? What about Vader’s kitchen? …

Below you find the different light sources rendered in Maxwell Render, except that for the volumetric light, that was done in Cinema4D. I rendered a 4k image and used the object ID pass for tweaking some details and the alpha mask to create the splendid view.

Let’s see, maybe I will do a video by animating the layers. 

History of Room of the emperor

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