I had the opportunity to create Pop Art wine labels in Lichtenstein style for a new product line called ART THOU WINE by STORYWINE IMPORTS represented by MHW, Ltd. Just visit the webpage of these wines. It was a lot of fun and for an appropriate presentation I created some 3D renders with the final wine bottles. Well, here is an overview of this job. CHEERS!


  • 5 labels for different wines in Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art
  • topic: Romeo and Juliet, one label for every act in the book
  • Label must stand out from other wines, focuses on target group and should hold an high recognition value (in the style).


  • every label is tinted in one color and shows a specific feeling
  • characters have a young, modern style
    • modern hairstyle (Mercutio)
    • hairband (Juliet)
    • no costumes
  • unique design of Juliet’s turbulent, wavy, floating hair for high recognition value
    • inspired by Van Gogh’s art (“The Starry Night” and others)
    • to separate from Lichtenstein’s artworks


The Feud (Act I, Scene 1)

color: orange, feeling: angry

  • orange is a symbol for energy, emotional but also danger
  • label is divided by the rapier in 2 sections; different shading and elements like the eyes, opposite lines in the clothes and background are used to separate the men from each other

Capulet’s Balcony (Act II, Scene 2)

color: blue, feeling: in love

  • moonlight tints the scene in blue
  • focus on Juliet, her inner feelings are represented by her curly and lively hair

Mercutio’s Curse (Act III, Scene 1)

color: green, feeling: desperate

  • green as an contrast to the hopelessness of the scene and absurdness of Mercutio’s death
  • Mercutio’s falling hair showing his despair

The Ploy (Act IV, Scene 3)

color: violet; feeling: determined

  • violet is often associated with ambiguity and ambivalence (Juliet’s inner fight to drink the sleeping potion)  but also the main color of the women’s liberation or feminist movement (Juliet’s own decision to choose Romeo)

One Last Kiss (Act V, Scene 3)

color: red, feeling: sad

  • Red as a symbol for true love but also blood
  • Juliet’s hanging and floating hair represent her farewell from life

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