Finally it’s done! I started this piece almost one year ago and it took a lot of time and many designs were neglected, until I was happy.

Here I wanted to do something different than with my other Pop Art artworks. I tried to develop my art further, away from the simple, flat, and 2-dimensional Lichtenstein style to a more 3-dimensional and overloaded look with many details. But I maintained the typical Lichtenstein features like fat outlines, Benday Dots, and the limited number of colors. Star Wars Pop Art – Battle was the first try. And this time I did not use any Lichtenstein artwork as inspiration.

Another fanart, another chance to download the high quality vector art (pdf format) for free. Just hit the download button. And again I say while pointing the finger: DONT USE IT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL STUFF!

May the fairness be with you!    

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