Next round of my Lichtenstein – Star Wars Mashup! This time I took the famous artwork „In the Car“ from 1963 and put Anakin and his dark side on the seats of a hover. A lot of room for interpretation of that strange moment or just a quick view…

Another fanart, another chance to download the high quality vector art (pdf format) for free. Just hit the download button. And again I say while pointing the finger: DONT USE IT FOR ANY COMMERCIAL STUFF!

May the fairness be with you!    


  • Matias sagt:

    Hi! i´m a graphic design student from Mendoza, Argentina. I was looking for info about Roy Lichtenstein, his artwork and his influence in modern art for academic purposes. My assignment is to do an art installation about an artist i like. Then i found your Deviant ARt profile with this kind of work and when i think that you can´t be more awesome you provide a link to download the artwork in high quality for free. You are the real MVP!
    No really, thanks! Thanks a lot!
    Like I said I´ll use this artwork to make a gigantography in the floor of my university. The idea is, using dots, create a big (like 6 x 8 mts) image that can be better appreciated from the 4 floor. Thats where design classes are given.

    I can send you, if you want of course, pictures of the final work.

    Again, thank you very much!

    Regards from Argentina…

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