It was just so much fun to do the Robot Chip Reader that I decided to revise this artwork. I think there was no compound I haven’t touched.   


Composition of Layers

I completely revised original. Every single compound of the scene was edited or exchanged. Modeling was done in Cinema 4D and for detailing and texturing I used zBrush. To achieve the wanted high resolution of 3600x3000px in Maxwell Render, I had to render the 18 (!) light sources separately. Therefore, the rendering took overall 100 hours!!!! (data size: 8 GB)

This overview shows some details of the high-res version and some single light sources.

Final composing was done in Photoshop. Here I adjusted the exposure and the coloration of the light layer. The last frames just show two possibilities for the scene due to different lighting and custom light colors respectively.

Anaglyph version

Put on your red-cyan glasses and click on the image

Due to the increasing amount of anaglyph 3D stuff in the internet I bought red-cyan glasses to be able to participate in this trend.

Today I realized that I actually did some 3D stuff – than I wondered if I could use my work to do my own anaglyph 3D – I put on my 3D-glasses and tried it…
Unfortunately, I could not reach the quality of an anaglyph rendered image or of a photo from a 3D camera because this was generated from a flat image. Therefore, the effect is not so strong (more 3D leads to much more ghosting).
Take your red-cyan glasses (or get one) and have a look yourself.

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